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Cycling Laws in Israel

May 5, 2019

You may not agree with these laws, but it is important to keep them in mind while riding your bike -- for your own safety and for the safety of others. You may also receive a fine if you break one of these laws:

Using a mobile phone while riding - 1,000 NIS fine.
Riding on the sidewalk is prohibited for both bicycles and electric scooters - 250 NIS fine.
Riding with two earbuds in your ears (one earbud is fine) - 250 NIS fine.
If you are younger than 14, riding with another passenger younger than age 8 on the back of your bike is illegal- 100 NIS - 250 NIS fine.
As a pedestrian, walking on the bike path is illegal - NIS 100 fine.



Stay on the bike path. 

According to Regulation 129, you, the cyclist, must ride on the bike path if there is one. Even if it is of the type painted on the sidewalks (see the path on Ibn Gvirol Street in Tel Aviv). If there is no path, the law will direct you to the road.


Some roads are safer than others. Be informed -- check our map of bike lanes in Tel Aviv.  The map is in Hebrew, see the English key for translation.

No riding on the sidewalk.

The sidewalk is for pedestrians only. You are permitted to walk with your bike on the sidewalk, carefully.

Cyclist must be seated.

The cyclist must sit on a designated seat (there are no exceptions for BMX riders). The bike must be in good working condition. (Regulation 123)

Stay on your right.

Regulation 128 requires cyclists on the road to stay on the right side when possible.

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Wear a helmet.

The law requires children to ride with a helmet, always. Adults are exempt from wearing a helmet in the city if riding a non-electric bike. Nevertheless, the house's recommendation is to wear one.

Ride safely at night.

According to Regulation 132 of the Traffic Regulations, your bicycle must be equipped with light reflectors (yellow) on the pedals, a white headlight in front, and a red light in back. Direct your light to the ground as to not blind passers-by.

Riding with another passenger

Regulation 124 (a) of the Traffic Regulations stipulates that children are allowed to ride on the back of a bicycle, up to the age of 8, in an appropriate and safe seat. The rider of the bicycle must be 14 years of age or older.

Riding with cargo

Transporting cargo is allowed, provided that it does not prevent or limit the rider's control over the bicycle. The length of the luggage should not exceed 70 cm, and should not exceed the front or rear part of the bike.

See you on the bike paths!

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