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בלוגים חדשים

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הסדרה של קורקינטים שיתופיים גם בסיאטל

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חלקיקי זיהום אוויר קשורים לסרטן המוח לראשונה

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בסינגפור, תוכנית טרייד-אין של קורקינטים חשמליים במימון ממשלתי בהיקף $7 מיליון

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הצעות לשיפורים בממשק אופניים-רכבת

Over (and under) the Alps


Thanks for visiting my Blog ! It will keep you up to (pedalling) speed with my  ride across the Alps from Italy to France.

My plan is to fly to Milan Malpensa, assemble the bike, then catch a train to Como. From there I will begin my great Alpine Traverse, northwards into Switzerland, and on into France. This has been a longstanding ambition of mine! My objective is to link up with a bus in France, that will take me to Leeds in the UK. I have about 10 days to do the 650 km route. 


The above does not include the kilometres I will be ascending! Actually, the highest pass, St Gothard (2,106 metres) may still be snow-bound, so I will have to travel underneath the mountain by train. I will have to save this particular challenge for another time!

My route is based on the Eurovelo network of cycle-paths that crisscross Europe. I will be following parts of Eurovelo 5 (EV5) which is the north south pilgrims route - The Via Romea Francigena - and EV6, the Atlantic to Black Sea route.

So my bike is in its box ready for air transit tomorrow, my panniers are packed with all the clothing and equipment I may need, and let's hope I can complete the task ahead. Thanks for all the messages of support and I will try and keep you all posted.